Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luxury brands in Vietnam

 Ralph Lauren, Vincom Center A

 Dior, Vincom Center A

 Louis Vuitton, Vincom Center A

Finally I have a reason to visit Vietnam some day. My friend sent this photos of luxury boutiques in Ho Chi Minh City that make me curious about luxury business in this country. Louis Vuitton at the Opera View building might be the oldest brand that opens its door in this emerging country. Yet, nowadays it must face the competition with its LVMH brother brands or other groups'. A luxury shopping center called Vincom Center A is housing many fashion and jewelry brands, two of them are Dior and Ralph Lauren. The thing that makes me amaze about the Ralph Lauren boutique here is the availability of Ralph Lauren Collection gowns that I had seen on the runaway. We simply cannot ignore this city, or country, when talking about new wealth and luxury shopping heaven.

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