Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hermes: The beauty of the time

It is my tradition to post about Hermes first before other brands in every traveling journey I have. Why? It is because Hermes is my most beloved brand ever and the important thing is its creative approach about window display. Hermes, in most of the countries, would have different window display creation and arrangement in each boutique the country has. In the case of Malaysia, there are only two Hermes boutiques exist, the one in Pavilion and the other is in Kuala Lumpur International Airport that I did not visit. 

Talking about Hermes boutique at Pavilion is also a talk about the exterior look of it. Compared to other Hermes boutiques that has clean and monogram exterior design, this boutique at the Couture Pavilion of the infamous mall has very beautiful design. The glass wall is decorated with abstract floral-like motif in the elegance color of off-white that make the cubical shape looks more interesting. This beautiful wall is completed with beautiful window display creation. Following the 2012 annual theme of Hermes about time, there are transparent circles of watch which center has other tool that I cannot understand. This tool is in the form of a bow complete with strings attached. The color combination for the background make each display look beautiful yet poetic.

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