Thursday, April 4, 2013

Strike a pose

 Valentino - Plaza Indonesia

 Lanvin - Plaza Indonesia

Jade - Plaza Indonesia

Just like fashion pages on the magazine, window display can tell a story or has a particular concept, but sometimes it has nothing to expose, just a commercial or abstract message. However, a blank concept display is still eye-catching with the help of mannequins' pose or the styling or the color. Valentino window display is now completed with folding screens in white color that is matching perfectly with the black-and-white outfits of the mannequins and the handbags on the table. Lanvin stripy window display look edgy with the mannequin's pose that looks as if 'she' is playing with 'her' gown skirt. Jade is continuing its giant soldiers statues but now they look more friendly since one of the soldiers is communicating with a lady in Alaia outfit.

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