Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jaspal: Bon voyage

After talking about Jaspal Group's stores at the previous posts, now it is the time to post about the main and the first business of this local Thai fashion-retailer. Opened at 1976, Jaspal is now having more than 30 stores in Thailand and 4 stores in Malaysia and offering men and women ready-to-wear collection. Jaspal stores at Siam Center might become the biggest one, so far after I saw other boutiques at different malls, with very spacious window display. The theme of the window is now about sailing on a big ship. Men mannequins look operate the ship from the main deck, while the women are posing gracefully at the other part of the 'ship'. In between the men and women window display spaces, there is a see-through-the-store part and there are a group of bear dolls. Those dolls are dressed by the local Thai artists and become a very nice and interesting point of attention.

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