Monday, March 11, 2013

Wakai: Hawai

Indonesian or at least Jakarta youngsters are now in the high demand for canvas shoes from a local brand called Wakai. Started in the middle of 2012 at Plaza Indonesia, this local but very Japanese look brand are growing so fast and coming up in big shopping malls throughout Jakarta. This year, the first store of this brand, that is at Plaza Indonesia, is decorated with a very surprisingly creative window display. The VM team takes us to have a holiday in Hawaii in 50s or easier to say before 90's. Thus, there are coconut leaves used as table decorations, coconut fruits, flowers slayers, and not to be missed, the word ALOHA arranged from white stones. Some very interesting objects besides the usual Hawaiian dance and the pink flamingo are the Santa Clause-mechanic-dolls dressed as an old tourist and the colorful parrot nestling on the display ceiling.

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