Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From London

Whenever my friends go abroad for traveling or business meeting, I always ask them, if they have time, to take photos of unique window displays according to them or they will ask some particulars brands I want. Recently, one of them went to London for business trip and gave me this two excellent quality photo.

The first one is Louis Vuitton window display from this brand's maison flagship boutique at Old Bond Street. The display is so terrific and magnificent since the properties are dinosaurs, the bones actually. One photo he gave me is featuring a female mannequin sitting on the back of a stegosaur. The metallic gold bones match with the luxurious feel of this boutique. Observe it closely and you can find the mannequin is actually holding a rope that tied in the dino's neck. Amazing.

The second photo was taken from Hermes boutique, again, at Old Bond Street. Compared to other Hermes windows I ever saw, this one is so simple but still very beautiful. On the main part of the window, two mannequins are standing in a bright yellow fields to play badminton - there are some rackets and shuttlecocks. White pigeons flying around them or just sitting at the rackets, strengthening the relaxed and serene feeling of this display.

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