Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lotte Dept. Store: Beauty and the bears


The Korean wave is emerging and rising not only in the cultural field but also in the retail business as well. Lotte Co. Ltd, the biggest player in food and retail business in South Korea is spreading its wing in Asia especially in the South East area like Indonesia. There are many supermarkets, restaurant (called Lotteria), Lotte Duty Free Store, and now Lotte Department Store. This new department store was opened last two month at Ciputra World Jakarta, also a new up market shopping mall in Jakarta. Becoming the anchor tenant for this mall, Lotte Dept. Store offers a wide arrays of fashion and beauty products both for male and female customers. Unfortunately, the big area of the dept. store is not supporting the existence of window displays, that in my expectation will be great to feature Korean pop culture influence in it. In fact, there are only big window displays in on the end corner per each floor. 

One of the visible and strategic window display is located at the back end lobby of the mall. It features a very interesting concept of display that takes us to a magical land. A mannequin, female one, stands and acts as the queen of this icy and snowy land. Her companions are cute white polar bears that are still looking active yet so tame, even you can see the tiaras in their heads. There are also some floating globes around them with two of them are featuring a very detailed and excellently done castle miniatures. Hope to see another interesting and creative concept like this in the future.

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