Friday, February 8, 2013

Hermes: The city and the mountain

Hermes window display is always amazing in every aspect, whether it is the design, the property, the arrangement, etc. Here is the latest Hermes window display from its boutique at Scotts Square, Singapore. Each windows on the main entrance is depicting a city scene with skycrappers building and hot air ballons flying up on top of them. Some of the balloons are replaced by Hermes fabulous hand bag collection. There is also a balloon that shows its passengers, an old man wearing a white hat. The bigger window that is located in the front corner of the boutique is about a car road at the mountain slope. The most interesting part of this display is the vintage open car that has a dog as its driver. The dog is even wearing an Hermes scarf and its car is carrying a duffle bag. How lucky my best friend who took this photo to see this vivid window in the location.

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