Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wonder Anatomie: Horror

Siam Center is a pioneer of hip and trendy shopping mall in Bangkok. It had been renovated and turned into a very modern artistic edgy shopping malls. Besides the well known international fashion brands, it is also housing the popular local fashion brands and stores. One of them is the Wonder Anatomie that sells a very edgy conceptual collection that can compete with the wildest designers of London. There is nothing special at the window display since there is only a group of mannequins standing on it. However, turn your head up to the ceiling of the store and your heart will shrink. Amidst the light brown color of dry leaves or something, human skeletons are crawling around. It is a very surprisingly creative, excellent, and magnificent concept that, once again, can be competed with those mega department stores from London or New York City. Salute to the creator.

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