Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Le Privee: 2 in 1

Chinese New Year and Valentine Day arrive in the same week this year 2013. Thus, it is a little bit confusing to dress up the window display since there is no connection at all between these two celebrations. However, Le Privee's VM team is so smart and creative that they can link those two big days in a single display arrangement. The Chinese New Year theme is presented with the existence of beautiful paper umbrellas that are synonymously Chinese or perhaps Peranakan style. Most of the umbrellas come in arrays pink color tones, the signature color of Valentine day. Excellent!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Traditional Chinese New Year

 The Time Place - Plaza Senayan

 Mondial - Plaza Senayan

 Mondial - Plaza Indonesia

 Metro Dept. Store - Plaza Senayan

It is two weeks before the Chinese New Year celebration and some of big luxury boutiques in Jakarta has already dressed their windows with the Chinese style decorations. Traditional and authentic Chinese style decor is the main theme shown at the windows of The Time Place, Mondial, and also Metro Department Store. A red sticker with golden circle and Cherry blossoms figure in the middle make The Time Place's watch machine installation looks more attractive. The same red, gold, and Cherry blossom issues are also used by Mondial but now in realistic properties. In the outside display of Metro Dept. Store Plaza Senayan, a mannequin is wearing a very beautiful cheongsam dress stands among the unique style Chinese lamps. Beautiful.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Louis Vuitton: Papers, part 2

Here are another photos of Louis Vuitton window display for Spring 2013 that is featuring spread-out-by-the-wind metal papers. The pictures were taken at Louis Vuitton Plaza Indonesia that is carrying ready-to-wear collection both women and the recently-launched men section. Unfortunately, there is only one mannequin stands in the female section and none on the male section. The delicate hand of the mannequin is almost in touch with the magical typing machine that spray the papers onto the air.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Little Things She Needs: Paris

The Little Things She Needs, a girl accessories stores, is now having a development in the arrangement of its window displays. The latest display is now featuring a big old map of Paris' monumental spots. In front of it is the iconic Eiffel tower made of paper that will remind you of the 2010 Louis Vuitton windows. This window display is framed with envelope motifs and also set with some boxes, perhaps trunks, on the ground. A little bit confusing concept but yes it's all about traveling to Paris.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Louis Vuitton: Papers

Louis Vuitton might not be my favorite brand, but this most popular brand in the world becomes my favorite when it comes to window display. Last night, I took this LV window display for Spring 2013 that is focusing on the flying papers. This metal-made papers are flying out of a typing machine. They are flying everywhere in the window displays including in the little side windows where accessories and jewelries are displayed. Some of the papers also form the classic Latin-style Louis Vuitton logo in the most beautiful way. Amazing, fabulous, marvelous, terrific, and above all, perfect!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dior: Back to basic

Extreme climate change is now happening at the French haute couture house of Christian Dior. The arrival of Raf Simons at the Creative Director seat last year had already blown a 'hurricane' that casted away all the drama and extravaganza of the previous chief designer. The remains of this drastic reformation is the pure serenity of classic and elegance style, the pure classy couture that is hailed as triumphant by every important fashion editors. This also happened at the Dior window display design. Gone away all the elaborate properties, they are replaced with a very simple and minimalistic French interior design in a sublime softest choice of bright colors. The classical design sketch becomes the only decoration exists for each window. Unfortunately, my handphone camera cannot capture this serenity excellently.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kate Spade: Telephone

 Plaza Indonesia

 Plaza Senayan

The playful and quirky American brand, Kate Spade, always comes out with a fresh and eye-catching window display each month. The first display of this 2013 is about telephone. There is a giant red telephone that is used by the mannequins to sit and pose. Look closely to the mannequins and you can look the quirky and nerdy styling of the spectacles and their hairstyles.

Raoul: Flowers

Among the other boutiques and fashion stores, Raoul becomes one the most fast-forward brand to dress up its window display with the latest seasonal collection that is Resort 2013. This flower theme display was already installed last December 2012 when other boutiques were in the middle of Christmas festivities. Big black and white flowers appear everywhere from the window stickers, paper installation, and, of course, on the collection itself.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gingersnaps: Angels

Gingersnaps store at Senayan City is decorated with a very interesting and detailed display for a childrenwear store. The theme is about little angels flying in the sky. Thus, the headless mannequins are hung up at the ceiling with full-of-feathers wings on their backs. The sky is made of white cottons with a touch of sparkling glitters.

Mondial: Still Christmas

This post might be very late since it still talks about Christmas time. However, it is always better too late than never, right? I took this photo only yesterday when walked pass through Mondial boutique at Plaza Senayan. There was a very unique Christmas 'tree' made of words that formed a saying 'It's time to share love, hope, gift, & joy for everyone.' It is a very universal and not seasonal message actually, only it is packed in the Christmas color and style.