Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mondial: Beautiful flowers

Another garden theme window display in the jewelry boutique can be seen at Mondial window at Plaza Senayan. This little window looks springy beautiful with little pots of flowers. Those puts are put at a wooden ladder and next to them are the fabulous diamonds jewelries. On the background wall, there are also wallpaper with any kinds of flowers existing in this world complete with its characteristic and depictions, make this display is not only beautiful but scientific in a chic way.

Franck & Co.: Tropical garden

Garden is the big theme this for window display this Spring/Summer 2013 with some brands are playing around in the greenery with or without flowers. The latest addition for this theme is the window display from Franck and Co., an Indonesian diamond and jewelry brands, that decorates its window with big leaves in deep and dark hues of green. The result is a unique appeal of a jewelry window display and a modern approach to expose the luxury objects.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pull and Bear: Surfer's paradise

Surfing is the main theme for Pull and Bear window display this season. The window display at Kota Kasablanka store shows different arrangement that I never see in other stores. The first window is featuring a surfer girl riding the wafe, while the second one just simply standing with surfing board. All the properties are very colorful and unique with lego-like forms including the sun shine. Perhaps, it is what people say as surfer's paradise.

Zara: Big mirrors

Zara window display at Kota Kasablanka store has different concept compared to other stores in Jakarta. It has a big mirror as main property in each window. Ultra minimalist look and simplicity at its best is the main atmosphere can be seen. Also, it is clearly a very excellent strategy of Zara to upgrade its image from fast-fashion brand to become a true fashion brand that has a luxe appeal.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lanvin: Neon

Stripes is the major topic for Lanvin window display this season. After the black and white or red graphic stripes, now neon lamps, put in a steel frame and displayed in horizontal line, become the main properties at the window display. Simplicity, modern, and little bit futuristic are the atmospheres emerge in the air.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gap: Earth Day Tumbler

To commemorate and support the 2013 Earth Day, Gap has released its special edition 'Gap Be Bright' tumbler made of recycled plastic materials that will not harm our already-damaged-earth-environment. One of the window displays of Gap Grand Indonesia store is now being occupied by this tumbler in gigantic size. There are also images of house, lamp bulb, factory site, love sign, etc and also supportive words like organic and eco. Let's support this campaign!

BCBG MaxAzria: Seaside

After the Spring's beautiful wall flower, BCBG MaxAzria takes us to the hot sunny sea shore for Summer. There are two images of sea side environment put on the window display. One is the stony beach with a light house standing tall. The second image is the board walk bridge that will lead you to the open blue sea. In each window, the mannequins are also dressed properly according to the environment behind them. Casual look dress, bra top, hot pants, and cardigans with sunglasses on head are for the light house window, while light summer printed motif outfits look so chic to be worn at the boardwalk. Beautiful summer appeal !

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Suite Blanco: Picnic

Suite Blanco is the latest addition of fast fashion brands that is raiding Indonesia these two years. This Spanish brand is seriously expanding its wing in Indonesia with more than one stores openings. Each store has the same arrangement of window display but never attracts me much like this one from Kuningan City store. Mannequins are gathering in a colorful checked tile ground. There is a super big umbrella with colorful floral motifs also some screens on the backgrounds. I still cannot catch the concept of this window but I think picnic is the closest association in my mind.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oasis: Flower garden

It is my first time to have an encounter with Oasis store in Jakarta. Although Oasis is a fast fashion brand, it is surprisingly has a very creative and outstanding window display. The theme is garden of flowers where the mannequins are playing with the kite, also made of flowers and leaves. This beautiful window concept is completed with the right choices of red-tone colors dresses worn by the mannequins.

Gingersnaps: Magical garden

Children-and-maternity-wear store usually has a cute and childish concept display with dolls or other toys everywhere. However, Gingersnaps always has out of the box concept. This time the theme is magical garden where giant flowers, giant butterflies, and flying apple are there inside the display. Although they look fantastical, the concept is still suitable for children and eye pleasing.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Jade: Peter Pilotto

Jade is celebrating the arrival of Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2013 collection by decorating its window with mind blowing graphic images. Those graphic images are derived from some collections of this upcoming British designer and covering the display walls, ground parts, as well as some properties.

Christian Louboutin: Spike up !

Punk might not exist each season, but Christian Louboutin keeps designing his heels or men loafers with spike studs in each collection. This fabulous and glamorous looking collection is now displayed at Christian Louboutin window display, the end side one. Platforms, bag, and even men loafers are decorated entirely with sharp spike studs that might scratch your skin. Dangerous but still very glam looking.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Metro: Paint cans

There are rows and stacks of paint cans on the Metro window display at Pacific Place. They look like overflowed each other and make a big spray of paint on the ground. However, observe it closer and you can see that the big paint spray is coming from the top point can. Each windows has different color backgrounds and each can has different 'brand' name. A creative concept but unfortunately, lack of variants.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hermes: Board walk, part 2

These are the photos of Hermes window display from Pacific Place, Jakarta. Still bearing the same white boardwalk against the bluest sky concept, here we can see another variations of the boardwalk function. There are a row of changing rooms like you can see on the beach side. Nautical sport theme can be detected easily here with the existence of floating balloon and also the white ropes. On the next window, there is a white bench where you can sit, relax, and go fishing.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kate Spade: Picnic in the wood

This April, Kate Spade takes us to have a picnic in the wood. Walking around inside the big brown trees or just sitting relax in the checked motif picnic sheets. However, be careful with the bear that are also walking around looking for food, or an accompaniment?