Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hermes: Bird nests

I am so glad and proud to have best and good friends who always take me photos of window display from the places they travel to. Last September, one of them went to Singapore and took me some of the best boutique displays from The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.One of them is the Hermes window display that featured bird nests as the main properties to place bags and other fabulous Hermes accessories. Those nests were put at the dried trees as if the fall wind had made all the leaves went from the twigs.

Pedro: Silver winter wonderland

Pedro, a big fashion shoes brand in South East Asia, takes silver as the main theme this Christmas. Almost every decorations found in its window displays are all in silver color. The main attention can be in the metal made deers that sit and stand gracefully under the white dried twigs. Beautiful snowflakes are falling from the sky and they are, once again, in silver color. It looks like viewing a scenery of a peaceful winter wonderland.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Louis Vuitton: Snowflakes Formation, part 2

The regular visitor of, my first blog, must ever read this post about the Louis Vuitton Holiday or Christmas window display. Now, I am posting the other pics taken from Louis Vuitton at Plaza Senayan. The theme is of course the same with the one at Plaza Indonesia, but it is presented only with the accessories collection. Thus, the beautiful formation of the flowers and deer antler can be seen perfectly clear without mannequin obstacles. Besides the metal property, LV accessories collections are also displayed in the corners and centers of the display. Very creative.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Burberry: Gift sending process

Burberry Christmas window display looks so fun but still has luxurious appeal. There are some balloons flying the gift boxes and a bag as if they are sending it to the lucky person in earth. Each of the balloons has metallic light gold color that are shining as the light struck them.

Monday, November 26, 2012

SuperDry: Christmas gifts

SuperDry has a very unique style of Christmas window display. Matching with its casual and vintage appeal, there is no shiny or sparkling Christmas tree or other decorations. There are only Christmas gifts that look very humble and simple. Example: mannequins wrapped in brown paper, shoe boxes bound with orange ribbons, or just hooded sweatshirt bound, again, orange ribbon. Another creative but still humble thing is the Christmas tree made of shoe boxes that stands as centerpiece in the middle of spacious window.

New Look: Watch machine

An unexpected and surprisingly beautiful, complicated, and superb window display is coming from New Look, a fast fashion retailer from UK. Each of its two window displays is installed with a giant watch machine. Circles of watch insiders come in the colors of gold, white, and black and each of them are perfectly detailed inch per inch. Observe it closely and you can find that this installation is coming in Christmas edition. Two pieces of the metal circles have snow flake form centerpiece.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nautica: Traditional Christmas in the country

I never see Nautica store as beautiful as you can see in this photo. It usually looks so, sorry to say, boring and tiring. Yet now it turns out to be a beautiful store thanks to the Christmas celebration season. The front window is framed with faux pines leaves complete with tiny sparkling lamps. A picture of a wooden lodge beside a lake makes the window looks more beautiful. Love it!

First post

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