Thursday, June 12, 2014

Louis Vuitton: Dandelion

Another flower themed window display is now coming from the most famous luxury brand in the universe, Louis Vuitton. This French brand takes the beautiful but fragile dandelion as the main point of attraction on the display. It depicts the flying seeds of dandelion, now comes in metal and clear wire materials, as well as the LV latest bags and leather goods, hung by think wires. Beautiful, serene, and comforting for the visual eye.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sebastian Red: White flowers

Nature is now become a big topic in the fashion industry. One of the elements of nature is flower that will be still trending until next year's resort collection of some big fashion houses and brands. Sebastian Gunawan, a respectable Indonesian fashion designers who is infamous with his beautiful dresses and gowns, perhaps aware of this trend and uses flower as the main decoration in his newly renovated boutique for the Sebastian Red collection at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Big white colored flowers become the center of attention and compliment the soft colored collection presented on the display. 

Dior: Under the big giant roses

Since his first tenure at Dior fashion house back in 2012, Raf Simons is always using the flowers for inspiration whether it is the details on the dresses or accessories and jewelries or the show venue. The other usage of flower is now can be seen on the latest Dior window display with big big roses hanging on the ceiling. Looks nice but, for me, it looks less amazing than the previous arrangements.