Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Look: Welcome to my wardrobe

New Look store at Central Park, Jakarta has more spacious windows than other stores. The window display is still featuring cupboards as main decorations, but here there are another cupboard put on the top part of the wall, making a situation of a women's wardrobe. However, the most interesting part of the window here is the excellent styling to the mannequins. Great job for the store manager of this store !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ralph Lauren: Simplicity

Ralph Lauren existence in Malaysia is perhaps already established so well that it is now having two boutiques, the first at Pavilion and the new one in Suria KLCC. My best friend took the photos of the second boutique for me when he was in Kuala Lumpur. The display looks more simple compared to Singapore or other countries boutique such as in UK. The main window has white color as the perfect background for the colorful outfits in the mannequins. As accessories are always easier to be sold, there are hanging shelving to display the hand bags or leather goods collection.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Louis Vuitton: Spider web

After exploring the traveling elements, the house's monogram codes, and poetic value in the January display, something unexpected and surprising comes from Louis Vuitton window display look. Insect - living creatures that has no glamour aesthetic, mostly disgusting and dangerous - is becoming the main inspiration. The main windows are depicting a corner of a blank room, perhaps unused one or the owner is too lazy to do cleaning, with a spider web hanging on the walls. LV latest collections of leather goods are just put in a small shelving point, very minimal compared to the spacious window space. This very simple window display decoration is anticipated with ultra artistic light box with all different insects you ever know appear. Those insects are made from bags, belts, scarves, and other Louis Vuitton accessories collection, put and arranged in a certain way and then photographed and photoshop-ed to make the imagery of a mosquito or a bug. Bravo !

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Roberto Cavalli: China blue

There is nothing new inside the window display of Roberto Cavalli boutique at Plaza Senayan. The same mannequins in their pose and the same props make me have no postings of this Italian brand in more than 3 months. However, last Sunday I was in awe when passed through the window. The fabulous Resort 2013 collection that made me fell in love the first time I saw them at were worn by the mannequins as well as the hand bag on the display. This collection is decorated heavily with Baroque motifs that come in China blue color and has the most perfect background color, white. If I was born as a woman, surely I buy all the items from this collection.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mondial: A beautiful spring

Mondial creates a very beautiful window display for this Spring 2013. One window shows the blooming flowers around the magnificent torso mannequins that display the luxurious necklaces. On the background, a vintage look papers also featuring all beautiful flowers you can find in this universe. The next window, little butterflies are flying from a cubical corner to kiss the flower buds around them. The choice of colors and the size of the properties make the display look amazingly beautiful and delicate.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Look: Cupboards

New Look might be a fast-fashion brand with very low pricing items of clothing and accessories. However, this brand have very creative and interesting window displays, although not always. The latest display concept is about a cupboard and a drawer for wardrobe and accessories. The design of those furniture items is very classic English type, might be opposing with the style of the items put on and inside them. Also, there are no differences between the woman and man furniture styles, make it looks odd to see men clothes on very whimsy looking cupboard. However, I give my two thumbs up to the VM team since all those properties are made of hard papers yet look so perfectly done.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Metro Dept. Store: Mechanic women

Metro Department Store window display for its latest Big Sale promotion is depicting women in mechanic job. The female mannequins are wearing safety helmets and the situations on the display is like a room full of machines and other tools. One of the machine, with BIG SALE words on it, is rolling lively on the wall, make the display look vivid yet eye catching.

Kate Spade: Busy ladies

Kate Spade window display update for March is about busy women on the street. The active look pose, the sunglasses, newspaper on a bag, and light outfits tell the daily life and real situation, not just a glossy glamour look.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MaxMara: Geometric lesson

MaxMara window display is now displaying one of the Spring/Summer 2013's hottest trends that is the geometric pattern. There are checkered motif on some outfits and a hand bag, also a dress with swirling geometric pattern that look so classic rather than trendy. The interesting objects on the display is the wooden frame work that looks so humble compared to the luxe feel of the brand.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pull & Bear: Surfers

Last February, I had already posted the Pull and Bear Spring/Summer 2013 with summer in the sea concept. This post is the section to complete the whole concept of the window. The setting is the same ocean but now there are surfing boards standing next to the mannequins. The sun is so yellow and high in the sky to give a sense of hot summer. Last but not least, ocean waves are rolling in and out to freshen up the air.

Wakai: Hawai

Indonesian or at least Jakarta youngsters are now in the high demand for canvas shoes from a local brand called Wakai. Started in the middle of 2012 at Plaza Indonesia, this local but very Japanese look brand are growing so fast and coming up in big shopping malls throughout Jakarta. This year, the first store of this brand, that is at Plaza Indonesia, is decorated with a very surprisingly creative window display. The VM team takes us to have a holiday in Hawaii in 50s or easier to say before 90's. Thus, there are coconut leaves used as table decorations, coconut fruits, flowers slayers, and not to be missed, the word ALOHA arranged from white stones. Some very interesting objects besides the usual Hawaiian dance and the pink flamingo are the Santa Clause-mechanic-dolls dressed as an old tourist and the colorful parrot nestling on the display ceiling.