Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mondial: Nautical

Mondial is an exceptional jewelry brand when it comes to window display aspect. Compared to other brands, even those legendary French or Italian one, Mondial window displays have large and spacious space like those of fashion brands. Last but not least, the VM team behind it always have ideas to create an interesting concept without ignore the main objection that is to high light the tiny winy size of the jewelry. This can be seen at the latest window creation that has a strong nautical concept. Ship stir wheels and rowing sticks become the main attention for each window. Each of those props acts as the point of display. Behind them are a white colored window and a panel with beautiful sea shell motifs. Pillows with sea creatures print and lamps trap in the fishnets add the cozy feeling reflected by this blue and white colored window display.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chanel: Turning Japonism

Being different and exclusive among the other luxury brands, Chanel is doing a Japanese theme imagery both for its campaign images and also the window display concept. Wooden frames and doors with natural color screens and also floor covered with tatami is the main objects we can find. The other properties are modern looking and make you want to buy them. Last and the most important thing is the Spring/Summer 2013 collection that looks more vibrant and young at heart. The unique interpretation of the Chanel classic bag, the one with the round frame, is also put in the lap of the mannequins.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Kate Spade: Off we go!

Time is running so fast and we are now arriving at the month of May. It is the peak season for traveling activities with friends or with you family members. Kate Spade window display celebrates this traveling mood by dressing and decorating its mannequins and window display with touristy feeling. Real oversize sunglasses are hanging on the head of one mannequin wearing a big hat. Around her neck are neon colored flowers necklace that is suggesting a tropical destination just like some photographs of famous resorts behind it. The other display shows two mannequins are packing their luggage with a luggage tag written 'Off we go'.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sogo: Tourists on the beach

If only I have an awarding session for this blog, I certainly will give the best window display for this 2013 to Sogo Department Store window display at Plaza Senayan. The theme is Summer Fun and it is really a fun summer vacation on the beach. There are mannequins acting as tourists whether they are in family or just strong bound friend gangs. This display is so vivid and detail. The outfits and the accessories is always brilliant in the styling but the most important here is the prop. You can see the beach sands complete with its dirts: sea shells or soft drink cans, nets, or the chairs and surfing boards like you will always find. The beautiful white sand beach plus the bluest sky images in the background also make the windows look perfect. Wonderful job!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gucci: Miss matching

Gucci Spring/Summer 2013 collection is perhaps the most colorful and brightest ever produced by this legendary Italian fashion house. Cobalt blue, azalea pink, yellow, and other bright colors are out everywhere in the collection. They are worn literary from head to toe, from the jewelries, outfits, shoes, handbags, and even the color of the shades. This styling concept is now transferred into the Gucci window display for Summer 2013. A pink mannequin is wearing a pink outfits and there is a pink colored snakeskin clutch in front of it. Next to the pinky is the blue mannequin that is also wearing a blue outfit with big floral motifs. 

Bottega Veneta: Bigger and better

Bottega Veneta boutique at Senayan City had already moved to its new location, actually it is just across the old one. The new boutique is slightly bigger and looks better with the spacious window display space. The transparent concept, thanks to glass wall, make the passerby can see the magnificent luxurious collections of Bottega Veneta handbags, shoes, accessories, and some jewelries.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Beauty Tailor: Gentleman

There are many shops being renovated or come and go at Plaza Indonesia. Among the newcomers, or perhaps newly renovated one, is The Beauty Tailor, a local tailor shop for gentleman's suits. The look of this tailor is very modern even I thought it is not a local. The window display is very nice and simple but strongly expressed the masculine feel. There is an old table with old sewing machine and big scissors upon it. Two men blazer, one is done and the other is still on the process, are guarding a black and white photo of a, again, scissor, one of the importance tool in the tailor world. Last but not least is the center of attention, a big image of Rio Dewanto, the handsome, gorgeous, young and talented Indonesian actor who apparently becomes the ambassador or perhaps the icon of this tailor.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Franck and Co.: Tropical garden part 2

Last April, I posted the Franck and Co. window display that features a tropical garden concept. Now, I am posting the other aspect of this beautifully executed display from the Plaza Indonesia boutique. The little window display near the entrance are fully with orchids in some colors, leaves or plants I cannot mention, and also the tiny little greenery that might be exist in a tropical weather garden or perhaps forest. Colorful lamps make this window look dark and magical and emphasize the luxurious diamond necklace on the torso mannequin. Amazing.