Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eye Lab Exclusive: Heads

It is my first post in my two window display blogs that talks about an optical shop. This very minimum number happens because optical shops usually only have so-not-interesting panel trays to put the window display materials. It does not happen at Eye Lab Exclusive, a local Thailand optical chain store, in Emporium, Bangkok. Two sides of the window glasses are decorated with human-head-sculptures in various head shape. All those heads come in dark grey color that add the eerie feeling since each head is like poking from the glass. Thank God, there are sunglasses covering the eyes of those heads.

Wonder Anatomie: Horror

Siam Center is a pioneer of hip and trendy shopping mall in Bangkok. It had been renovated and turned into a very modern artistic edgy shopping malls. Besides the well known international fashion brands, it is also housing the popular local fashion brands and stores. One of them is the Wonder Anatomie that sells a very edgy conceptual collection that can compete with the wildest designers of London. There is nothing special at the window display since there is only a group of mannequins standing on it. However, turn your head up to the ceiling of the store and your heart will shrink. Amidst the light brown color of dry leaves or something, human skeletons are crawling around. It is a very surprisingly creative, excellent, and magnificent concept that, once again, can be competed with those mega department stores from London or New York City. Salute to the creator.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Roger Dubuis: Swords

Roger Dubuis is now very active promoting the Excalibur watch series. This ultra modern yet classic luxury watch has the medieval knight concept in the advertisement image. The concept is now applied to the window display of Roger Dubuis boutique at Gaysorn, Bangkok. There are two transparent swords buried not in the stone, as the King Arthur's Excalibur, but in a light up plastic sprial-like elements. The swords are caged inside cubical spaces that are surrounded with the image of metal armor.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Loewe: Royal horse

 Siam Paragon


There is a wooden block put on the Loewe window display at Siam Paragon, Bangkok. On this block, there are some huge oxidized looking metal pin with very beautiful engraving of crown image inside. Loewe handbags and scarf are hung on those pins along with objects that may look like tools or equipments for a royal horse. The most interesting objects for me is the 'pom - pom' that come in different colors in each boutique, the other boutique is at Gaysorn.

Ermenegildo Zegna: Custom made

Ermenegildo Zegna custom made service is called Su Misura. This exclusive service is available at selected boutiques of this legendary Italian menswear brand. Zegna Gaysorn is one of the boutique that have this facility and it is published via window display. There is a big trunk opens up and show its content: rolls of fabrics, assorted choices of collars and cuffs, and of course sewing tools like threads, measure tape, and a scissor. Next to it, a torso mannequin is wearing a shawl made of a Zegna fabric. Unfortunately this very nice display is placed in, in my opinion, a wrong corner. It supposed to be become the center of the display or next to the main entrance.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Paul Smith: Love theme

I took these photos of Paul Smith window display at last two week's Valentine Day. Having no lover, me and my traveling friend only had a (terrible) dinner then we just walked around mall that were already packed with people. This display is so typically surprising as any other Paul Smith window displays. Among the spacious wooden display space, there are only very tiny, compared to the store height and width, properties. The first one is a snow ball with LOVE word inside. Cupid statue in the next window is the most interesting one since there are many red kiss stains in all parts of the cupid. There are no clothing or accessories collections put on the display that make this display really focuses on love theme.

Black Jack: Balloons

I had my Valentine Day in Bangkok last 2 weeks. The city was full with Valentine icons such as heart and flowers, also many teenagers and even adults bought red roses or chocolate then had dinner with their lovers. This celebration of love was put as a theme at a corner of Black Jack window display. This hype and edgy multi-brands boutique owned by Club 21 put a couple of lover next to the usual mannequins. This couple was made of balloons and surrounded by another heart-shape red-colored balloons on the ground. It looked playful and also romantic at the same time.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zen: Mix up

 Vivienne Westwood at Zen

 R.E.D Valentino at Zen

Talking about shopping in Bangkok is not complete without visiting Zen, a local luxury department store which is actually owned by Central Department Store. In my opinion, Zen is tend to have younger and trendy feeling rather than Central, in this case I compare to Central Chidlom. It is located at Central World, the biggest shopping mall in Thailand, and becomes one of the anchor department store. The window display of Zen is of course very spacious and the VM team works very excellently. The feeling and aura of the display is surprisingly modern with minimal decor and luxurious touch. The mannequins are also look special with elongated proportions of legs and other body parts. Chinese New Year celebration is still in the air when I visited this dept. store but it is exposed modernly and fused with Western style. Besides the display of Zen, there are also window displays of some brands that have shop in shop concept. They are Vivienne Westwood that features a grey door and two mannequins in each, also R.E.D Valentino that always use marionette-like mannequins.