Wednesday, June 22, 2016

La Rinascente - March 2016: Relax in the garden

It was still the end of winter season when I went to Milan last March yet the display of the La Rinascente had already blew up the beautiful spring feeling. A flower garden with stacks of bed where mannequins dressed in light flowing pastel colored dresses became the center of attention inside the vast and tall space window displays.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dolce & Gabbana - February 2016: Traveling to the moon

Nearby the Dolce & Gabbana accesories store at Via Della Spiga is the specialty store for women and children ready to wear at Corso Venezia. Although it is not a big size boutique, the window display looked very nice with surprising concept of mother and children traveling to the moon, or perhaps another planet. All the display props were created and produced in amazing detail and they made some passer-by stopped just to view and to take some photos.

Dolce & Gabbana - February 2016: Market stalls

Dolce & Gabbana is one of the big Italian brands that has already been opening many stores in some countries. In Italy, especially in Milan to focus, the brand has some stores including specialty stores for fragrance & make up and accessories. This post will show you one Dolce & Gabbana accessories store in the beginning of Via Della Spiga. I was in awe to see this display last February. The window displays had a market concept where stalls of fresh fruit, flowers, fishes, sweets, and also souvenir stood side by side. Each of the stalls were full with its more carefully selected detail props and of course the Dolce & Gabbana accessories themselves that had been selected to match the stall theme.

Hermes - May 2016: The frog

What I love about Hermes window display is that they have different concept and design in every country but always based on the brand's annual theme. The Gardens Mall, one of the Hermes boutiques in Malaysia, presents a serene concept of an fresh water pond where frogs, turtle, big Koi fish, etc, are all live peacefully. The right positioning of the props make the display look vivid and natural. Unfortunately, I could not take photo of all the windows since I told not to take photos of the window by a boutique staff - it was my first experience since other Hermes boutiques never forbid me.

Hermes - February 2016: Nature

Last February, I was so blessed that I was able to go to Milan, my second dream destination after Paris. It was such an exciting moment for me especially when I arrived at Via Montenapoleone, a fashion district with all those big brands' flagship stores and beautiful display plus beautiful ladies in furs since it was still cold that time. One of the boutiques that I visited was of course Hermes with its three stories building. The Milan VM team takes the brand's 2016 theme, nature, with playful approach by showing the portrait of some animal kingdom members dress up in Hermes scarves or ties and jewelries.

Hermes - April 2016: Flights of fancy

Galleria Grand Hyatt

 Pacific Place

The first posting for my come back time is taken from my all time favorite brand, Hermes. Back to the month of April, Hermes window display in Jakarta were decorated with all the tropical birds, might be local Indonesian birds (I'm not sure). Each window looked amazing with wings and feathers of the birds mostly in dark or earth tone colors. The detail quality of each of the birds were amazing and almost perfect. Bravo!

I'm Back !!!

Hello visitors and followers, I'm back to write my postings starting from today. It's been 1,5 year that I have been absent due to all my business and other reasons. Hopefully, I can constantly blogging about window display, subject that might be rare to be discussed